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Duval signs autographs
David Duval Inspires Kids at Green Valley Ranch

“Imagine what it would be like to be the number-one person in the world at what you do,” Altitude Sports’...READ MORE

Closest to the Kin

After 20 years of writing and editing about golf, I get why intergenerational relationships play such a pivotal role in...READ MORE

go west young caddy grand junction cover
Go West, Young Caddy

Through the Solich Academy, golfers in the Grand Junction or Denver areas can take caddies in the program in June...READ MORE

tom green cover 600x400
Greens in Regulation

Tom Green’s weekly golf games with his son are less about keeping score than about forging a filial bond.

junior golfers lakewood zeke
Lakewood Junior Golfers

Meet one of Fox Hollow Golf Course’s most avid Junior Golfers! Ezequiel Thomas Manzanares, or Zeke for short.

Jo Ann Allen
The Passion of Jo Ann Allen

Colorado Public Radio reporter and host Jo Ann Allen adores playing golf, but—as she found out during a police confrontation—it’s...READ MORE


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