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As the exclusive magazine partner for the Colorado Golf Association and Colorado Women’s Golf Association, Colorado AvidGolfer is pleased to offer membership into the Colorado AvidGolfer Club*. For only $49.95 you will receive:

-Official USGA handicap

-Membership into the Colorado Golf Association or Colorado Women’s Golf Association

-One-year subscription to Colorado AvidGolfer ($17.95 value)

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If this is your first time with the Colorado AvidGolfer Member USGA program please click here to apply and create a profile.

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* There has been some recent transitions and changes to the GHIN system. Starting 8/30/2013 you will need to access your GHIN account information through Once you update your account you will be able to access the AvidGolfer eClubhouse (with a different look)

** If you have not done so already please go to – On the right hand side of the page you will see the login information. Click on Create Profile. Submit your information and this will update your profile allowing you to continue to use the AvidGolfer eClubhouse system. If you do not update your information you will not be able to access your GHIN account through the Colorado AvidGolfer Club.

*** The Colorado AvidGolfer Club, licensed by the Colorado Golf Association, entitling you to membership in the Colorado Golf Association or Colorado Women’s Golf Association and an official USGA Handicap.

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