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hit more greens with golftec
GOLFTEC: Hit more greens with a conservative target

Seen on Golf Channel: Hit more greens and increase your GIR percentage by playing conservatively, away from the flag

bunker shot distance control
GOLFTEC: A drill for bunker shot distance control

As seen on Golf Channel: Learn to control your distance out of the sand with the help of the Bunker...READ MORE

golftec consistent irons
Hit consistent irons with a steady head

As seen on Golf Channel: Start hitting more consistent irons by maintaining a steady head in your backswing.

golftec world long drive
GOLFTEC: Drive It Like a World Long Drive Pro

As seen on Golf Channel: World Long Drive competitor Brad Skupaka shares tips on how to gain more distance

putting stroke golftec
GOLFTEC on Golf Channel: Straighten Out Your Putting Stroke Path

As seen on Golf Channel: Start hitting your putts on line with this drill to straighten out your putting stroke...READ MORE

course management
Golf Course Management: Set Smart Targets

As seen on Golf Channel: Save shots greenside with an improved golf course management and chipping strategy


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