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stop chunking irons with golftec
GOLFTEC: Improve Your Follow Through to Stop Chunking Irons

While chunking irons inevitably happens to all golfers, if you’re scraping large chunks of dirt off of your clubs more...READ MORE

golftec sweet spot
GOLFTEC: Find Your Driver’s Sweet Spot

As seen on Golf Channel: Finding the center of your driver face, aka the ‘sweet spot,’ can help with your...READ MORE

straight shot address
Hit straighter golf shots by adjusting your address position

If you slice and set up like the golfer in orange, take a look at this video! Patrick Nuber demonstrates...READ MORE

read greens with golftec
GOLFTEC: How to Read Greens with Your Feet

GOLFTEC as seen on Golf Channel: Practicing this technique using your feet can help you better understand reading greens!

knee flex distance
GOLFTEC: Gain Distance by Focusing on Knee Flex

As seen on Golf Channel: Flex your knees properly in the backswing to add shoulder turn and gain distance off...READ MORE

wedge control cover golftec
GOLFTEC on Golf Channel: Control your wedge distances

As seen on Golf Channel: Learn to control wedge distances better with those less-than-full swings (more…)


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