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posture shoulder tilt golftec
Improve Your Posture with Proper Shoulder Tilt

Focus on the tilting of your shoulders throughout the swing to stay in posture and improve consistency in your golf...READ MORE

chipping faults golftec
Avoid Common Chipping Faults at Setup – GOLFTEC

Add predictability and avoid common chipping faults by perfecting your setup. From GOLFTEC, the exclusive instruction provider of Colorado AvidGolfer.

putting speed control golftec voer
Putting Speed Drill: Alternate Distances

Alternate distances on the practice green to help your putting speed control with this drill.

clubhead speed drill from golftec
The Clubhead Speed Drill from GOLFTEC

Patrick Nuber shows you a great drill to increase your clubhead speed and distance in all facets of your game....READ MORE

golftec backswing nuber cover
Train Your Backswing with GOLFTEC

Crisp, consistent contact starts in the backswing— perfect it with GOLFTEC.

golftec short game drill chipping pitching
Short Game Basics: The Difference Between Pitching and Chipping

Understand the ins-and-outs of pitching and chipping techniques that will help you lower your score, handicap, and stress levels.


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