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Chipping with Don Hurter
Chipping Made Easy

Chipping looks simpler than it is. Mimic Castle Pines Golf Club PGA Director of Instruction Don Hurter’s foolproof setup and...READ MORE

Top 5 Golf Practice Tips for 2017
Top 5 Golf Practice Tips For 2017

The summer sun will soon be here but there is still plenty of time to hone your skills in 2017....READ MORE

Chipping fundamentals from Coach Gary Alliss.
Chip This Way

Chipping is a small swing that does not involve the wrist and very little weight transfer. In many ways, it’s...READ MORE

Tips for better green reads
Read Your Greens

Green reading helps decide whether you line up left or right and to figure out the slope of the green....READ MORE

Alex Fisher
Stop Coming Over the Top!

Coming “over the top”—when your swing plane becomes too steep and attacks the golf ball from an outside-in swing path—is...READ MORE

Tips for low ball flight
17 for ’17 – Tips from 17 Colorado Instructors

Click through this article for tips from some of Colorado’s best golf instructors… Step Back Coming “over the top”—when your swing...READ MORE


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