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How Angle of Attack Helps Putting Distance Control

GOLFTEC As seen on Golf Channel: Improve your putting distance control with a proper and consistent angle of attack and...READ MORE

Want to drive it like Justin Thomas? Increase your shoulder tilt

As seen on Golf Channel: Start driving like the best players on the PGA TOUR by adding shoulder tilt like...READ MORE

golftec on golf channel: follow through for longer tee shots
GOLFTEC: Stretch Your Follow Through to Stretch Your Tee Shots

It may seem as though the follow through of your swing doesn’t matter since the ball has already been hit,...READ MORE

Tiger Woods Follow-Through at The Masters 2018
Masters Week: Learning from Tiger Woods’ Follow-Through

GOLFTEC VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, appeared on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive to discuss what we’ll all be watching at...READ MORE

GOLFTEC Fix Your Slice - march 28
Backswing Checkpoints to Eliminate Your Slice

Fix your slice with GOLFTEC, as seen on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive!

GOLFTEC on Golf Channel: Improve your turn to swing like a pro!

As seen on Golf Channel: Instilling a bigger turn earlier in your backswing can reshape your ball striking skills


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