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Rickie Fowler Punch Shot PGA Championship Cover
Escape Trouble with Rickie Fowler’s Punch Shot

Rickie Fowler shows you the basics to getting out of trouble with the punch shot, a great way to keep...READ MORE

Mark Wiebe Cover
A Friendly Nine with Mark Wiebe

Colorado Golf Hall of Famer and 2013 Senior Open Champion, Mark Wiebe, transitions to the lesson tee with a forthright...READ MORE

hale irwin flop shot cover
Hall of Famer (and CU Buff) Hale Irwin’s Flop Shot Fundamentals

Three-time U.S. Open Champion, World Golf Hall of Famer, and All-American CU Buff Hale Irwin, shows you the fundamentals of...READ MORE

jordan spieth capture speed putting drill cover
Putting Drill: Sink It Like Jordan Spieth

Want to develop that perfect capture speed on any putt? Find out how Jordan Spieth buried those clutch putts on Sunday...READ MORE

open championship low stinger
Open Championship Drill: Tiger’s Low Stinger

GOLFTEC’s Jon Levy & Nick Clearwater show you Tiger’s famed low stinger shot, perfect for the windy conditions we’ll see...READ MORE

Step1 Set up
Put the Wood to Your Swing

Here’s a simple impact drill that will dramatically improve your ball-striking and consistency, simply place a two–by–four behind your golf...READ MORE


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