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GOLFTEC Hip Sway Consistency - Golf Channel
VIDEO LESSON: Move your hips toward the target for better contact with GOLFTEC

Nick Clearwater talks hip sway with Golf Channel’s Charlie Rymer during a recent Morning Drive visit in the video below....READ MORE

GOLFTEC Golf Channel Morning Drive - head position
Use Your Head to Hit More Greens!

As seen on Golf Channel: A good swing includes factors you may have never thought of – like using your...READ MORE

Putting Basics: Setup for Success GOLFTEC
Putting Basics: Set Up for Success

Implement these basic putting fundamentals from GOLFTEC and Patrick Nuber to improve your distance control and direction on the green.

pre-round putting warmup drill
The Pre-Round Putting Warmup Exercise from GOLFTEC

The Pre-Round Putting Warmup helps to develop a feel for the greens. (more…)

Driving Distance GOLFTEC Cover
Increase Your Driving Distance with GOLFTEC

Increase your driving distance by not only swinging faster, but being aware of your angle of attack.

Deep rough pitch shot wedge bounce cover
Wedge Bounce for Deep Rough Pitch Shots

Learn to successfully navigate deep rough pitch shots by properly utilizing wedge bounce.


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