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three putt drill
GOLFTEC on Golf Channel: Can’t stop the three-putts? Watch this…

As seen on Golf Channel: Reduce those annoying three putts with this practice regimen from GOLFTEC to dial in your...READ MORE

golftec deep rough pitch shot cover
GOLFTEC: Utilize Wedge Bounce for Deep Rough Pitch Shots

Learn to successfully navigate deep rough pitch shots by properly utilizing the bounce of your wedge

GOLFTEC on Golf Channel: Add ‘Flare’ at Address for More Distance!

Many pros in this manner flare their feet out slightly at address, as opposed to high-handicappers that often set up...READ MORE

Go Through a Wedge Fitting … with Bob Vokey and GOLFTEC!

Legendary wedgemaker, Bob Vokey, takes us through a wedge fitting at the Titleist Performance Institute.

GOLFTEC and Foresight Sports: The Science Behind Launch Monitors

GOLFTEC and Foresight Sports talk about the science behind launch monitors and tracking how the golf ball flies.

Tips to Hit Solid Golf Shots into the Wind

GOLFTEC as seen on Golf Channel: It can oppose your instincts, but swinging harder is NOT how to hit shots...READ MORE


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