Golf Passport FAQ

What is a Golf Passport?
Purchase of a Golf Passport includes: Discounts at 66 Colorado courses, all prices include use of a cart; dozen Callaway ChromeSoft golf balls; a free Warrior Custom Golf Hybrid or Wedge (S&H not included, while supplies last); complimentary Preferred Clientele Club membership (dine and save at more than 130 locations); a subscription to Colorado AvidGolfer magazine. Golf Passport Price – $79.95

What is a Golf Passport Plus?
All the benefits of the Golf Passport plus CGA/CWGA membership and official GHIN handicap for only an additional $30 for Golf Passport members. ($40 if upgraded later) Golf Passport Plus – $109.95

Where can I buy my 2017 Golf Passport?
Online: Click Here to Buy Now!

Visit: King Soopers (use your Soopers Card for a discount!), Colorado Ski & Golf (5 Colorado locations), PGA TOUR Superstore (located in Greenwood Village)

Are there Bulk discounts available?
Yes! Click here for details on Bulk Golf Passport discounts or buy a 4-pack!

How do I activate my Golf Passport if I purchased or received one from a 3rd party/Retail location?
Click here to activate your Golf Passport. Enter and Apply Activation code. Enter Member information. You will receive your personalized label within 7-10 business days. Affix label on page 1 of the Golf Passport.

How do I upgrade my Golf Passport to a Golf Passport Plus?
For $40, you can upgrade your Golf Passport to a Golf Passport Plus which includes a CGA/CWGA membership and an Official USGA handicap. Click here to upgrade. Make sure you have your Golf Passport ID #.

If I had a Golf Passport Plus between 2011 and 2016 will my GHIN # stay the same for 2017?
Yes. If you purchased a Golf Passport Plus in 2011-2016 you will keep your same GHIN # for 2017. We will reactivate your GHIN # as soon as you purchase the Golf Passport Plus.

If I already have a GHIN # with another club and want to buy the Golf Passport Plus, can I keep the same #?
Yes. If you have had a GHIN # within the last 3 years then you can keep the same GHIN # in the AvidGolfer Club. Make sure to enter your previous GHIN # when registering in the AvidGolfer Club. Click here to register your GHIN with our club.

How do I receive my free dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls?
If you purchased the Golf Passport online you will receive your Golf Ball Coupon for one dozen Callaway golf balls inside the front page of your Golf Passport.  If you purchased your Golf Passport through a third party, such as the King Soopers, Colorado Ski & Golf or PGA TOUR Superstore, then you will need to activate your Golf Passport first and you will receive your Golf Ball Coupon with your activation label. Click here to activate. The certificate can be redeemed at any Colorado Ski & Golf location. Golf balls available after 1/23/2017. Offer expires 9/30/2017. While supplies last.

How do I get the full listing of courses, pricing and restrictions for the Golf Passport?
Click here to browse through all courses, pricing, and availability.

Click here for a downloadable PDF with complete Golf Passport rates and restrictions. You must have the Golf Passport in hand to acquire the course discounts.

How long will it take to receive my Golf Passport after I order online?
It typically takes 7-10 business days to receive the Golf Passport. You must have the Golf Passport in hand to acquire the course discounts. Please email if you haven’t received your Golf Passport after 10 business days.

What if I want to play today and I do not have a Golf Passport?
You can purchase your Golf Passport at any of our retail partners (King Soopers, Colorado Ski & Golf and PGA TOUR Superstore) to receive it the same day. You must go online and Activate your Golf Passport before you use it. You will then print the bounce-back confirmation email as a temporary label. Use this confirmation email to verify ownership of the Golf Passport.

What is Preferred Clientele Club?
Colorado AvidGolfer and Preferred Clientele Club have partnered again for 2017 to provide even more benefit to your Golf Passport Membership. The Preferred Clientele Club is usually priced at $40. This gives the Golf Passport member access to 25% off or 2-for-1 Entrees at over 130 dining and retail locations. Click here for full details on the added value of Preferred Clientele Club.

Can I share my Golf Passport?
No. Only the person who purchased it can use the Golf Passport. The golf course will ask to see identification when using the Golf Passport.

I’m giving the Golf Passport as a gift, but the book hasn’t come yet…
The Golf Passport will come in the mail in just 7-10 days after ordering. However, here is a printable certificate if you are giving it as a gift.

The Golf Passport Refer-A-Friend Program
You can earn up to (5)$10 gift cards to PGA TOUR Superstore in reward for referring friends! Encourage your friends to purchase their own by ripping out your Refer-A-Friend Coupon and giving it to them to go online and buy. See pages 79-80 in your Golf Passport for all the details.

Who can I call if I am having issues ordering, activating or upgrading my Golf Passport?
Call the Golf Passport Hotline 720-493-1729 ext. 18 or email

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Additional Questions About the Golf Passport?
Please Call the Golf Passport Hotline at 720-493-1729 x18 or email

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