#GetGolfFit Series: Single-Leg Lunges for Full-Body Strength and Toning

#GetGolfFit: Work on toning and strengthening your entire body with these single-leg lunges… with a twist!

Class-A PGA Professional and former NFL player Jason Witczak of The Club at Pradera is here to show you an exercise to help strengthen your entire body. This video workout helps to improve your balance, leg strength, core stability and shoulder strength all in one. With weighted dumbells in-hand Elizabeth Carpenter maintains a strong core, allowing her toes, knees and chest to stay in line upright when lunging forward with one leg. When done incorrectly, Elizabeth’s knee should be bent at 90-degrees, with an upright upper body before using her core to twist to her opposite leg.

 single-leg lunges

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Single-Leg Lunges with Rotation for Quadriceps, Glutes, Lats and Core:

lat pull downs for back strength

What you’ll need:

  • Dumbells (personal weight choice per ability)
  • Proper training shoes with ankle support

How to do it:

  • Stand upright, feet shoulder width apart at the start
  • Grip a single dumbell in front of your body with a stacked grip (like a baseball bat)
  • Lunge forward in a controlled motion
    • Knee bend at 90-degrees, keeping your toes and knee in a vertical line!
  • Twist to your opposite leg, with arms extended in front of your body
  • 5-7 reps per leg, three total sets

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