Fish & Chips: Fly-Fishing + Golf Adventure

Colorado’s exceptional waters invite golfers to land a fly as skillfully as they would an approach shot.

Fish & Chips: Fly-Fishing + Golf Adventure

In the movie A River Runs Through It the fly-fishing scenes are so cinematically intoxicating they alone could inspire one either to take up the sport or spawn more frequent outings for those anglers already hooked. Whether watching it or wading in, there is no question that golf and fly-fishing have similarities.

“Fly-fishing, like golf, is a mental and physical experience,” says Russ Miller, Director of Golf at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. “Mentally, the fisherman must concentrate on each cast, similar to a golfer concentrating on each swing.”

Miller, a long time fly-fisherman, points out that finesse and patience also come into play. “A smooth transition in the back cast and forward cast is a must,” Miller adds. “If the cast is bad, the fish can be spooked. Similar to a bad shot in golf, once it’s made, there’s no do-over.”

Golf aficionados like Miller who have an affinity for fly-fishing are fortunate to have numerous options around the state to trade their 7-iron for a fly rod.

Click on the links below and tke a look at Colorado clubs, resorts and courses that offer spectacular “fish and chips” combos!

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