17 for ’17, Cont.

To become a great short putter, you need to commit to your intended line, aim the ball on your intended line and start the ball on your intended line. And what better way to see that line than with a taut piece of string?

In the conclusion of our instruction series, five PGA professionals help shore up your short game.

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Doug Perry

Drive That Tee into the Sand

Most amateurs who struggle with greenside bunker shots release their wrist angle too soon and either hit the sand too early and leave the ball in the bunker, or they bring the club in too shallow and hit the ball instead of the sand, which rockets the ball into the lip or completely over the green. Greenside bunkers require a high soft shot in order to keep the ball on the green. To accomplish this, establish a nice setup with the ball positioned a little forward of center. Make sure to set the angle of your wrists on the backswing and maintain that angle as you approach the sand with your club. To remind yourself of this, stick a tee in the end of your grip. As you make your downswing, drive that tee towards the sand for better bunker shots.

Doug Perry, PGA Professional, City Park Nine, Fort Collins & Co-Host, “Morning Cup of Golf,” 600 KCOL Radio



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