Srixon Soft Feel Gets Better with Age

The upgraded Speed Dimples on Srixon's newest two-piece Soft Feel help the ball stay straight in windy conditions.
Srixon Soft Feel cuts through the wind
The upgraded Speed Dimples on Srixon’s newest two-piece Soft Feel help the ball stay straight in windy conditions.

Veteran golf ball gets another update 

By Tony Dear

It’s hard to believe Srixon’s original Soft Feel golf ball first appeared over 20 years ago, and that the 11th version of the two-piece, value ball hit stores last week.

A success story from the start, the low-compression Soft Feel has seen significant improvements throughout its life and now purports to “stand apart in terms of accurate iron-play,” generate “more greenside spin than its predecessors and a softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts,” and “helps players maximize their distance off the tee.”

The new Soft Feel has an ionomer cover and a single core that cleverly seeks to do the work of multi-layer Tour balls by getting increasingly firm the further you move away from the center. Such a technologically advanced feature has to play an important role and have a fancy name and, and sure enough, the “Energetic Gradient Growth (E.E.G.) core” provides a high-launch, low spin trajectory off the tee for extra distance with what Srixon claims is “ultra-soft feel.”

The softer, thinner cover is engineered to promote more greenside spin and a softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts, and the upgraded 338 Speed Dimple Pattern was designed to reduce drag and enable the ball to cut through the wind for more consistent accuracy. “These new dimples cut through the wind so well that the ball moves much less in cross-winds and really goes straighter on all shots,” says Srixon Cleveland’s Marketing Director Brian Schielke.

Given Srixon’s claims about the new Soft Feel and the amount of technology crammed into it, it’s really quite astonishing that a dozen is priced at just $19.99.

The Soft Feel family of golf balls.
The Soft Feel family of golf balls.

A handful of lesser-known manufacturers (Kirkland Signature, Snell MTB, Vice Pro, etc.) have made a name for themselves in recent years creating multi-layer, Tour-quality balls at low prices, and though the Soft Feel is a two-piece aimed at the amateur golfer who swings the driver between 80 and 95 mph, it still represents tremendous value for money.

No wonder Brian Schielke calls it the “ultimate soft golf ball.”

The new Srixon Soft Feel is available in yellow and white.



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