Blade or Mallet? Scotty Cameron Concept X Putter Offers Best of Both

Scotty Cameron Concept X1
Scotty Cameron Concept X1 – Models CX-01 and CX-02

Cameron combines blade look with mallet tech 

By Tony Dear

For better players who like to think they can still hit long irons but require hybrid-type construction to get the ball airborne, a number of manufacturers have produced clubs that set up at address like a low-lofted iron but barely conceal the bulge of forgiveness emanating from the back.

Likewise, old-schoolers tend to prefer the look and sophistication of a blade putter (or what is deemed a blade nowadays), but would no doubt benefit greatly from the significantly greater MoI (Moment of inertia) of a mallet.

On August 31, Scotty Cameron will release two new putters in the US that straddle the line between blade and mallet.

The flatstick guru says the Concept X putters—CX-01 and CX-02—will provide the high-MOI forgiveness and performance normally associated with a mallet but with the visuals of a blade.


Scotty Cameron Concept X
The “wings” add a mallet-like MOI to both the CX-01 and CX-02,


The CX-01 and CX-02 are characterized by wing-like structures in the rear of the heel and toe, both of which contain customizable stainless-steel weights.

The wings move weight away from the face, placing it on the perimeter for better stability. A 6061 aircraft aluminum face and sole plates surrounded by a much heavier 303 Stainless body further increase perimeter-weighting.

Cameron did not design the Concept X putters to be Futura-type mallets with a more sophisticated look, but rather Newport 2 blades with added game-improvement features.


“They have a very elegant, high-end, industrial look,” says Cameron. “After a few putts, the wings almost disappear and it’s like looking down at a blade. But by making the putters wider, they’re more forgiving. You get the best of a blade and the best of a mallet in one. What’s unique about them is that they’re fast-looking and high-tech. They have sharp lines, clean angles and an overall look that might resemble a sports car or jet aircraft.”

Cameron adds that not only do they look more like a Newport 2 than a modern mallet, they swing like one too. “So you could say they suit an arcing stroke,” he says. “These are not face-balanced or even near-face balanced putters so they are less-suited to a straight back/straight through stroke.”


The CX-01 (above) features a “knuckle neck,” hosel design with one shaft of offset and toe hang similar to a Newport 2.

The CX-02 (below) features a new “joint neck” with one shaft of offset and more toe flow and rotation during the stroke, more like a Newport 2.5.

Two vibration-dampening chambers are designed to improve feel, four-way sole balancing promotes a squarer position at address, and the stealth gray finish reduces glare.

Patrick Cantlay and Charl Schwartzel both put Concept X putters in play at The Open, and Rafa Cabrera-Bello made the switch ahead of the third round. Several other Scotty Cameron users are currently experimenting with Concept X.




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