Use Your Head to Hit More Greens!

GOLFTEC Golf Channel Morning Drive - head position

As seen on Golf Channel: A good swing includes factors you may have never thought of – like using your head…

Whether it’s finally ridding yourself of the dreadful slice or perfecting your putting stroke, GOLFTEC Coaches are taking over the Golf Channel stage in 2018 with useful tips and drills that address a variety of common golfing woes.

In this installment, GOLFTEC Director of Teaching Quality, Patrick Nuber, encourages you to use your head to hit more greens. Literally!

The thought of how your neck and head moves throughout the swing might not seem to be an important variable – or at least one you’ve ever considered before – but like many elements of the swing, it can greatly impact your potential for solid contact and consistency.

In the video below, Nuber explains the proper head movements in detail and gives two key checkpoints to ensure you’re “headed” in the right direction. So, take a look and as always, talk to a GOLTEC Coach for more help with this and accomplishing all of your golf goals in 2018!

VIDEO: Use Your Head to Hit More Greens!

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