#GetGolfFit Series presented by Michelob ULTRA: Bungee Cord Clubhead Speed Drill

Use a bungee cord to train your muscles, swing path and create more clubhead speed! Follow Jason Witczak and Elizabeth Carpenter on Instagram for more!

Use a bungee cord to train your muscles, swing path and create more clubhead speed!

Nothing is more important than balance in our lives. That goes for work and play, family and friends, as well as on and off the golf course. The Pinery and The Club at Pradera’s Director of Golf Instruction and Class-A PGA Professional, Jason Witczak, has teamed up with student Elizabeth Carpenter for our new video series, #GetGolfFit, to help you find that balance.

The second video in our 15-part series is all about strength and speed! With a simple bungee cord, you can train your muscles to create that perfect inside-to-out swing path needed for a power draw and simultaneously strengthen your swing to create more clubhead speed. Notice how Jason guides Elizabeth through this drill, encouraging her to keep the swing on plane by not leading with the handle of the club.

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Bungee Cord Drill for Swing Path, Strength and Clubhead Speed:

What you’ll need:

  • One golf club (mid-iron preferred)
  • A bungee cord
  • Alignment stick (or another club works just fine!)

How to do it:

  • Tie a bungee cord to the end of a club (if you have a sawed-off club, that works even better)
  • Place your alignment rod as your preferred target
  • Take your normal address stance, holding the golf club at “address” with a light amount of tension on the cord
  • Re-create your swing with slow, controlled practice swings
    • Make sure that you don’t lead with the club handle! This can reduce clubhead speed and promote the dreaded slice
  • Your goal is to keep the club as close to the alignment rod as possible
    • More more draw, start the club inside the rod (closer to your body) and finish just outside of it (away from the target line, outside the rod)
  • As you progress, try to swing fuller and faster with still maintaining the proper swing path

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