#GetGolfFit Series: Lat Pull Downs for Back Strength

Class-A PGA Professional and former NFL player Jason Witczak and Elizabeth Carpenter of The Club at Pradera are here to help with your back strength!

Work on your lat and back strength to help you with deep rough shots!

Class-A PGA Professional and former NFL player Jason Witczak of The Club at Pradera is here to show you an exercise to help with shots in deep rough. This video workout helps to improve your lat and back strength, key in getting out of thick lies. Using a seated pull down machine, notice how Elizabeth Carpenter maintains a strong core, allowing her shoulder blades to pinch together as she pulls the bar down. When done incorrectly, Elizabeth’s shoulder blades would press downward, placing tension in the lower triceps. Pinch those blades together and get strong!

back strength lat pull down

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Lat Pull Downs for Back Strength:


lat pull downs for back strength

What you’ll need:

  • A seated shoulder press or pull down machine (find in any gym)

How to do it:

  • Set a comfortable, but challenging resistance level
    • If you feel any part of your body outside of your back, shoulders and core are engaged you’re playing with too much weight!
  • Take a strong, overhand grip at chest level
  • Pull down in a controlled motion
    • Allow the bar to reset at the top in a controlled motion as well. Don’t jerk!
  • As you pull down, squeeze your shoulder blades together as tightly as possible before resetting to the top
  • Repeat at 8-10 reps for 3 full sets and make sure to stretch before and afterward

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