Fix your chicken wing for better angle of attack

Fix Your ‘Chicken Wing’ for a Better Angle of Attack

Improve your iron contact by understanding the angle of attack and then implementing proper execution.

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Medicine Ball Strength Exercise, Step 1

Ignition Sequence

Five surefire moves to a more explosive swing.

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Putting distance control drill

GOLFTEC: Try This Putting Distance Control Drill

Sharpen your putting distance control and eliminate those lousy three-putts from your game.

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Should you take lessons before buying fitted clubs?

GOLFTEC: Should You Take Lessons Before Buying Fitted Clubs?

As seen on Golf Channel: You don’t need to fix your golf swing before reaping benefits from custom club fitting.

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GOLFTEC: Ditch Your Lob Wedge Around the Green

JUST SAY NO… to using your lob wedge every time you’re around the green. It will be one of the best things you do all …

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How to improve your chipping with GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC: Improve contact with this chipping tip

Need a chipping tip to improve your contact? Practice this quick drill.

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Joe Assell, Founder & CEO of GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC: A Company Founded by a PGA Professional

GOLFTEC CEO Joe Assell shares how his passion for golf led to a dream profession.

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GOLFTEC: 4 tips to draw every shot.

GOLFTEC: Can’t Fix Your Slice? Try These Tips.

Reverse your slice with these 4 simple adjustments.

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