GOLFTEC, iron contact drill

GOLFTEC: Better Iron Contact Equals a Better Golf Game

If you want to hit more greens, create better iron contact by understanding how your hips move in the golf swing.

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GOLFTEC: Hit straighter drives with this swing path drill

GOLFTEC: Hit Straighter Drives with This Golf Swing Path Drill

Whether you slice or hook the ball, use this headcover drill to improve your golf swing path and find more fairways.

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Instruction from Elena King

Prepare for the Unexpected

Four shots you seldom practice but certainly should

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GOLFTEC: 3 Keys to Create a Good Golf Swing

Many tour pros have unique looking swings, but there are more common elements between them than you’d think

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GOLFTEC: Driver Shafts

GOLFTEC: Are You Playing the Correct Driver Shaft?

A poorly optimized driver shaft can rob you of distance and accuracy. Here’s what to look for when you purchase your next shaft.

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GOLFTEC: Straighten Out Your Driver Slice

GOLFTEC: Avoid the Right Rough by Improving Your Hand Path

Start encouraging a draw and hitting more fairways by moving your hand path more inside during the backswing

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GOLFTEC: Eliminate toe hits with this drill

GOLFTEC: Eliminate Toe Hits with this Drill

As seen on Golf Channel: Stop hitting shots on the toe by practicing this simple drill focused around your trail arm

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Wedge bounce: high vs low

GOLFTEC: How Much Wedge Bounce Do You Need?

As seen on Golf Channel: Using the ideal amount of wedge bounce for your game can make a big difference

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