Kachina Southwestern Grill

Gary James Entering Kachina Southwestern Grill at the Westin Westminster, you might expect standard southwest/Tex-Mex fare. You would be wrong. This associate of Sage Hospitality isn’t reliant on hotel capacity. Kachina likes regulars, and word-of-mouth has been building for a year and a half. The decor is impressive, best described as “contemporary Mexican adobe,” and … Read more

Le Petit Paris | Breckenridge

Gary James For those who like to overindulge in French food—or just go hard on relaxing, hearty food and drink—there’s nothing like Le Petit Paris, Summit County’s only French restaurant, located just a half block east of Breckenridge’s historic Main Street. It’s got the warm and friendly atmosphere of an old-fashioned bistro, with mouthwatering aromas … Read more

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