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Featured Deals April 25th: Puma Ignite PWRADAPT, Groove Sharpener, SKLZ Grip Trainer


Amazon Featured Deals - April 25th, 2018

Welcome to Colorado AvidGolfer’s featured deals section. Each Wednesday (and other days when we get notifications from our partners) we’ll post the best golf equipment deals on Amazon. The best part? It’s one-click shopping for you, our loyal Colorado AvidGolfer readers. It’s simple: find a deal, click the BUY FROM AMAZON button, and watch it magically appear in your Amazon cart ready to ship to your chosen address.

April 25th, 2018: Amazon Golf Deals

Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Golf Shoes (22% OFF – $132.40)

You may be familiar with our recent article on Puma’s Hi-Top version of these bad boys… PWRADAPT sole technology consists of what Puma calls “3-Dimensional Traction pods, along with responsive cushioning for ultimate performance and comfort.” IGNITE foam is a proprietary midsole foam designed to provide energy return, responsive comfort, and stable cushioning and comfort. The Epic Tour Last provides more volume and less toe-spring for a fit and feel “meant for cleated performance.” These top-of-the-line golf shoes are the perfect medium between comfort and performance.

TruGroove Golf Club Groove Sharpener (31% OFF – $13.88)

Listen, we all know that caked grooves can drastically lower your spin rates (read: clean your grooves every shot) but we also know that outdated and dull grooves don’t help either. Poorly kept wedges or old, worn-out grooves will ruin your game around the greens— but it’s not like you can afford $400 in new wedges every year, right? Well, we have a quick solution— a groove sharpener. While you should replace your grooves or wedges every few seasons, this tool will keep your clubs as sharp as they were when the cellophane was still stuck to them. Best of all? Right now it costs less than a sleeve of Pro-V1s.

SKLZ Grip Trainer (67% OFF – $6.67)

SKLZ is known across the sports industry as one of the best training companies around. Known originally for their speed ladders (26% OFF at $25.77), resistance training (31% OFF at $23.98), and reaction balls SKLZ now transforms your golf game as well. This trainer creates muscle memory for proper hand positioning and grip and attaches to most clubs from driver through your wedges. Built for righties, it’s small enough to fit anywhere.

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