2018 Gear Guide

Our 2018 guide to the latest golf gear, clubs and balls with reviews, pros, cons, and prices to get you ready and rolling for the 2018 golf season!

The 2018 Gear Guide

“MORE OF THE SAME, ONLY BETTER” seems to be the theme of 2018. Drivers offer optimum custom fitting options. Irons now feature super-thin, highly flexible faces thanks to the varying materials that go into their construction. Wedges not only have varying grooves depending on their face loft, but now have different head shapes. It can be confusing, yes, but the purpose of all these design improvements is to inject a dose of pure confidence into your swing.

Good technique helps but you’ll get less damage out of the mis-hits, which is why today’s clubs clearly outperform their five-year-old predecessors. And as far as balls go, we mixed in some usual suspects with offerings from companies whose products offer high-tech design and performance at considerable savings.

2018 Gear Guide: Drivers

2018 Gear Guide: Fairway Metals + Hybrids

2018 Gear Guide: Irons

2018 Gear Guide: Wedges

2018 Gear Guide: Putters

2018 Gear Guide: Balls

The 2018 Gear Guide appeared in the April issue of Colorado AvidGolfer. View the complete gear guide below:

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