Learn to Transition Your Weight by “Dropping Your Club” in this Drill

Ed Oldham illustrates a drill to help you with your weight transition for any kind of golf shot. Colorado AvidGolfer A fundamental aspect of the golf swing is the weight transfer between your back foot and front foot. This transition should occur as your start your downswing whether chipping, pitching, or on a full swing. … Read more

Four Corners Courses are Celebrating in Style

Golf 4 Corners Area

An unseasonably warm late winter throughout the Four Corners region is offering no-snow recreationalists an early jump on their favored outdoor pursuits. That’s tempting news for golfers, who are taking advantage of short-sleeve weather that has greened up fairways and cranked up player counts. In Durango, Hillcrest Golf Course (pictured above) is debuting newly constructed tee … Read more

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